Trusted by experts

The 2023 MEA Stakeholder Conference

It's been unbelievable, the amount of traction and people that have come through our room is quite impressive.
Travis Hull

It removed all the barriers...It has saved a lot of time, a lot of effort.

Daniel Ruzicka

Mikenopa MEA

It's an amazing event, it brings our customers and our partners together, we're able to collaborate.
Graeme Kane
HPE Aruba Networking
It's very focused event on back-to-back meetings with customers.
Kamal Bhatia
Wide Computer Systems L.L.C
Gives us a great platform to show the products that we have on offer.
Matthew Prosser

The 2022 Stakeholder Conference

We see a lot of potential for development, it is very important to network with Operators. This is why we chose this event….
Mina Roshdy

It’s a great place to meet and network with all the top players in the Industry.

Elie El Khoury

Sans Souci

This is more intimate, with the right kind of people for the right kind of outcome we would like.
Danish Subzwari
HMS Networks
We had some great contacts and managed to close some business, which the important thing if you are the Supplier.
Delfo Melli
The collaboration that The Hospitality Network does with each supplier, with each buyer is something out of the box.
Vandana Markar
Jaquar Group
What’s a great about this setting is that it is not a huge setup … But you have the chance to interact with the people on a personal note, and engage in some really good conversations.
Jeroen Weisse
There are many events out there…this event is specifically designed for the right audience. It’s nicely crafted.
Sandeep Nair
Tiger TMS

The 2021 Stakeholder Conference

The format is unique…we’ve actually got business out of it.
Krishna Thangavelu
Excel Networking

It’s amazing to be in a room full of people who want to be in the room as well.



Most respected event in the region...
Daniel Ruzicka
I can't think of a better event in the year...
Vidya Venugopal
We find it extremely productive...
Ahmed Elgibaly
Blu Intelligent Health Solutions
It's truly only relevant conference in the
Middle East...
Renaat de Wilde
It's actually the most dynamic event that happing in Dubai..
Ramon Aravelo
RPS Technology/ SONIFI Solutions
There is no other event like this...
Tony Fernando
ITSthe1 Solutions

The 2020 Stakeholder Conference

Trusted by experts

The Hospitality Network don't follow standards; They actually set them.
Conall Bond
Excel Networking

The quality of people I've met here are top-notch.


Xn Portael System

A great mix of suppliers and buyers.
Laurent Genari-Conti, Middle East Technical Manager
The best money we have spent in all these years!
ITSthe1 Solutions LLC
Tony Fernando, Founder & Managing Director
Met a lot of decision-makers, which is critical for suppliers.
Alcatel Lucent Enterprise
Xavier Mongin, Regional Director Hospitality
Met a lot of quality people...
Philip Van Neer, Business Support Consultant many opportunities to network and connect with customers and industry professionals...
Salwan Finj, VP EMEA
You can network very efficiently because everyone is here...
Iris Seiffer, Managing Director- Middle East
Object Carpet
The Stakeholder Conference is for change makers...
Benedikt Reith, Sr. Manager- Global Projects
Hansgrohe Group
It is the right platform in the UAE to get to know key people...
David Goldar, Managing Director
The Hospitality Logo in Dubai, UAE


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